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Krishnapatnam Port

The port is well on its way in becoming the largest automated port for exports and imports in South Asia. It rates high on all the parameters of operations, including optimum cost, reliability, time and the best available service to customers.

  1. Fastest turnaround time for all types of vessels
  2. Minimal waiting time leading to almost nil Demurrage
  3. Deepest draft port of India capable of handling Capesize and Panamax vessels
  4. All weather port with 365 days of operations
  5. Single window clearance:
  6. Huge backup area of 6,500 acres
  7. Excellent connectivity by both rail and road to all parts of India
  8. Quick response customer service cell to provide round-the-clock support
  9. Customized solutions based on the requirements of the customers
  10. Two-way traffic for both onshore & offshore logistics leading to overall cost competitiveness

About Sponsorship

Step 1 - Offer to a sponsoe
      Media                                :                    
     Target Audience              : Worldwide 
     Marketing Initiatives      : Video Play on home page
    Sponsoship Value           : INR 3,65000/-

2– Sponsorship Opportunity

      We have one stop portal for marine industry across globe. We will provide opportunity to showcase your          business video on home page for 1 year and limited to 7 sponsors.Option to change upto 12 videos a year

3 – Objectives
Objectives for the sponsorship program are:
        ● Reach global marine industry audience easily
        ● Represent and make brand value
        ● Increase sales leads

3 - Measures of Success
The measures will include:
       ● Monthly analysis of total video views from users
       ● Monthly Sponsor page views
       ● Geographically views

4 - Value to the Sponsor
The value to 'the sponsor' will include:
      ● Brand Representation to large audience at effective price
      ● Sponsorship from your competitor business will not be accepted
      ● Expected reach to 50,000+ Suppliers, 30,000+ Marine Agents, 20,000 page visits a Month
      ● Dedicated A4 size page content for sponsor for lifetime
      ● Free Lifetime membership of sponsor worth 15,000 INR

5 - Uniqueness
    1. will display business video on home page when user visit our website. 
    2. Only 7 sponsor will be accepted
    3. When user visits for first time video will be shown, video will not be shown to user for next consecutive       visit for the same day.
   4. User will be presented with different video each day to motivate for viewing video
   5. User can view video by visiting sponsor page